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Helium Filled Balloons, loose with Ribbon (starting at 2.00 ea)


Loose helium filled balloons for the Ceiling give you an instant Party atmosphere. With a huge range of colours to choose from you are sure to find a combination that you like and that fits in with your theme.

Our helium filled balloons come standard with 1.5 meters of curling ribbon attached (matching the balloon colours wherever possible). Please let us know if you have different requirements.

You can purchase as little as one helium balloon. In small qty's the balloons range between 2.00 each and 2.50 each (if they have a print on it), once you get to qty. 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, etcc. they go into different price brackets, please enquire.

For larger qty.'s you might like to have the balloons delivered to your function. Delivery charges do apply, and vary in accordance with location of the delivery.

Email the colours of your choice, contact phone number, and date required

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